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Global Perspectives

Geometry and Culture

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How different societies have done their "earth measuring" to solve problems, reflect values, and (consciously or not) assert their intellectual and cultural imprint.


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Aspects of water hold deep meaning in many cultures, suggesting possible intentions behind the water engineering of Adena and Hopewell sites.


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The role of fire in the builders' treatments of deposited items, burials, and the burning down of buildings before mounds or earthworks were raised.

Burning Things

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Comparative religion scholar Dr. David Cave discusses the meaning of community ritual burning of meaningful objects across cultures.


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Ethnomusicologist Robert Templeman emphasizes that the builders' music (panpipes, rattles, rasps, drums, and voices) differed in sound and purpose from we know today.

Music and Authenticity

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Ethnomusicologist Robert Templeman points out that most of the music in our program is "Westernized," and inauthentic.

Elaboration and Ritual

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Dr. David Cave explores the reasons for the great size and elaboration in ritual grounds and preparations, across cultures.

Gain many rewarding insights from your visits to the ancient earthworks in OHIO!